Annmarie Boyle

Annmarie's Headshot for websiteAnnmarie Boyle is currently a limited-permit Marriage and Family Therapist.  She received her training at Hofstra University, where she is also a tenured member of the university faculty.  While doing her graduate work, Annmarie was a clinical intern in the Marriage and Family Clinic at Hofstra University, where the approach and techniques of Systemic and Structural therapy were employed.  During this time, Annmarie was also an intern at the Pederson-Krag Center in Huntington, New York, a facility offering a range of psychiatric and psychological support services with a very diagnostic approach to treatment.  These placements offered Annmarie the opportunity to experience providing counseling and therapy from very different perspectives.  Through these experiences, Annmarie has discovered that all therapeutic situations share a common thread: the need for and positive impact of one human witnessing another human as they express their experience of life.  Through authenticity and openness, Annmarie creates a safe, non-judgmental therapeutic space.   She is adopting a Narrative approach to therapy, believing that we live in stories – we define ourselves and make sense of our lives through the stories we tell about ourselves and our experiences.  By sharing and examining our stories, we can achieve clarity, self-acceptance, and ultimately the change that we desire.

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